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they are the five(5) key mono- saturated  food that burns belly fat

Olive oil almond oil and coconut oil they are all healthy monounsaturated oil that are good for you they protect you from chronic disease and can help you to loose weight faster specially in your middle section that is why they are the major food  diet for flattening our belly.

They are five major categories of monounsaturated food
(1) Oils
(2) Nuts and seeds
(3) Avocado
(4) Olives
(5) Chocolate.

Eating one meal serving of this listed will help you to reduce accumulation of  unwanted belly fat and help you to  control calorie intake you would also loose weight especially around your waistline.
Use this monounsaturated fat for cooking add it to your snacks but make sure to consume 400 calories per meal which is enough to control your hunger and boost energy without exceeding your daily needs.


(1) Oils, pick your choice of monounsaturated oil like flax seed oil, olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, walnut oil.

how to use it : fry with sesame or canola oil fry in pan  for walnut or olive oil spread on sandwich sprinkle over grilled foods, soups or toss it with rice or pasta; add walnut or olive oil cook with soybean or sunflower use flax seed oil in salad. Because flax seed cannot be cooked.
Servings 1 tablespoon

(2) Nuts and seeds

Select from your list of monounsaturated are cashew butter, almonds, almond butter, natural peanut butter, dry –roasted cashews, hazelnuts, roasted pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and walnut.

Use it as a snack you can sprinkle In a salad stir on a coating for fish and chicken or lightly beaten egg white spread on butters or crackers stir nuts and butter into soups and sauces to add body and flavor

Servings 2 tablespoons

(3) Olives

Select from your monounsaturated black olives green olives, green olive tapenade’
How to cook it add olives as a snack spread sluiced olives on pizzas, salads,or tapenade on sandwich put it also in your chicken breast or fish.
Servings 9-10 large olives or 4 tablespoon of tapenade.

(4) Avocado

Pick from your choice of monounsaturated florida avocado hass avocado
How to cook – slice and eat with salad or any snack or bread mash with lime juice, salt, and pepper serve with vegetables of your choice you and also fold and make it into salsa.


(5) Chocolate

pick from your monounsaturated ( dark or semisweet chocolate chips or chunks )
Don’t cook eat it or melt it with warm water and sip
Servings ½ or 2 cups.


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