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Butt yoga workout

Butt yoga

I found my self in the yoga studio then decided to explore various yoga poses  wearing my bikini wanted to feel light and flexible, didn’t want a distraction. Some minute of warmup before my yoga poses which I call most of the poses “ sensual yoga “or as I like to call it, sexy lady butt yoga.
But this was my part of my weekend routine to ease up tension and cramps gain dunring the week of hustles.

Yoga came as part of a Pleasure Weekend routine.

the The idea is for women to explore their sensual side reconnect with what they need sexually and feel empowered to ask for what they want — and create the kind of body then want other than going for cosmetics surgery

having fun with it (without actually getting naked at people! Get your filthy minds out of the gutter).
So I went through some anatomy and the pleasure-troll that is the vulva And then i covered the kinds of things all of us have wondered about, from female ejaculation (“it’s like you’ve wet the bed!” we’re told) to the complex matter of low libidos and our changing sex lives. It was nice to share the knowledge and feel of it.
And now is time for the Sexy lady butt yoga poses
dimmed lights.
Actually, wanted a serene quiet arena with some cool music I decided to put on Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing, the soothing relax music was just perfect for this. With the tune setting the pace for the flow .
My method of doing this is you place your hands on your shins, letting your hands move to your thighs and wander up over the rest of your body moving faster or slower depending on what mood or feel that’s good to each individually.

Then on all fours, you got into “cat-cow”, arching your back and then reversing the pose inward, letting out sighs of release with each breath.
As you repeat the pose, you are encourage to listen intuitively to your body and freestyle, moving in whichever way you feel is right. Everyone had their own interpretation that is rolling their hips forward, back and around, pressing their bodies hard into the floor and sliding up slowly.

You will build your glutus muscles and strengthen your thighs too.
Breathing more deeper, and exhales as you do it , that’s one of the goal which help to strengthen the walls of the heart thereby preventing sclerosis.

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