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Simple Natural Ways To Look Younger

1. Exercise
Exercise helps to increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the skin,
which gives you a radiant look. Physical activity basically begins the production
of collagen, which creates the structure of young skin, which naturally slows down
with age


2. Intermittent fasting
With intermittent fasting, the body will create a process to repair body cells and
produce newer and healthier cells. This process slows down the aging process while
the body undergoes regeneration.

3. More Sex! Yes More Sex!!

Sex stimulates the release of growth hormone. Sex helps relieve stress.

4. Exfoliate 3 Times a Week

Removal of dead skin cells makes it easier for your skin to absorb any moisturizer or any skin treatment you use. Make sure the existing particles in the exfoliating scrub are soft and small as those in St. Ives Elements Microdermabrasion. If the exfoliating causes inflammation in your skin, use chemical products containing glycolic or salicylic acids to remove pimples.

5. Get 6-to-8 Hours of Sleep Daily

When you do not have enough sleep you are likely to get tired and stress by taking your body away from the hormone called cortisol that is harmful to your skin. When you sleep from 6 to 8 hours a day, your body creates hormones so as to keep your body healthy and flexible, preventing your skin from getting tired.


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