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Top 10 Herbs To Slim and Get Toned fast

I complied a list of herbs  that is very beneficial for shedding of excess weight.a reliable and healthy way of burning fat is with natural detoxification without fear of side effects. these herbs will help to shed weight fast and help to improve and maintain your health.

Top Ten Herbs for weight loss :

 1. Cornsilk is beneficial in burning excess fat reduces cholesterol level ,it can also be use to treat bladder infection.

How to use : remove the hair you find under the husk of the corn dry in a a room temperature for up to 4_5days chop into pieces and brewed into hot water leave to sit for 10mins  drink daily.

 2.Aloe_juice: it help to reduce weight flush toxins away from your system and it helps to purifies your blood too.

How to use :get purified aloe_vera juice take half cup mix with warm water.

Ginger_root: ginger root is mostly used as a spice,it help you to maintain a good weight.  also beneficial,for weight loss take 1_2 ginger root grind to powder form add to 1cup of filtered water ,you can opt in for fennel seed powder.

4.Fenugreek seed: they are highly nutritious it has numerous health benefits, helps to reduce excess cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

For weight loss : grind fenugreek seeds then soak in water overnight filter the water and drink , you can as well add lemon juice for a faster result.

 5.Neetle leaf: it is beneficial for burning fat is  good for detoxification. It help to boost your immune system. Best way to take is to eat raw, or dry for 4_5days cut into pieces bring your hot water and pour your chopped leaves inside the hot water for 10mins stir and drink daily.

6.Dandelion leaf: this leaf is good detoxifier help you curb hunger it improves  bowel movement, good for shedding weight fast.

How to prepare for your consumption , get fresh organic dandelion leaf dried at room temperature for 1week , chop leaves into pieces inside one full cup of hot water pour the chopped leaves you can add honey for taste.drink this herbal solution daily .

7.Papaya leaf: is also a good natural detox help you burn fat faster.

How to prepare it:  wash 7medium sized papaya leaves cut them up roughly and placed in a cooking sauce pan with 3_5 liters of water until boiling point, reduce heat to stimmer for some few minutes strain the liquid and drink 50mls of the result of the papaya leaf.take this drink daily.

 8.Senna leaf: is wonder leaf aside from helping you to loose weight it can be use as a stimulant and laxative good for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

Preparation: pour hot water not boiling point over 1/2 table spoon of crushed senna leaf herb allow to sit for 10min and then strain before you drink.

You can also use the tincture method to prepare for other health benefits traditionally taken 2_3mls  with the supervision of a herbal practitioner  click on this link for our herbal detox tea


 9. Orange peel : orange peels has an anti_obesity properties helps you to burn fat faster, very rich in dietary fibers that helps to improve digestion and constipation.

How to prepare : wash and peel off the back of the orange infuse into 1/2 cup of extra olive oil_ how to infuse use a double boiler method to heat the oil for 2_3 mins pour inside the orange peels cover and leave for 10min drink after infusion.

10.Fennel seed it is beneficial in weight loss aid in digestive health, reduce bloating.

How to prepare infuse with warm water and drink or use tincture with alcohol extract.

If you take it daily_  this herbal concocted solution using the above herbs you will  expect to experience the following benefits as a herbal medicine to aid and heal some illness.

its other  health benefits included are

– Slimmer waistline
– Mood stabilization
– Better sleep
– Increased libido
– Regular bowel movements
– Decrease in water retention
– Clearer more balanced skin complexion

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